Mobility Center Maribor

Welcome to the first mobility center in Slovenia, which is coordinated by cycling association Mariborska kolesarska mreža (Maribor Cycling Network).

How to find us:

We are located in the city center at Partizanska cesta 21, Maribor – Slovenia.

It’s very easy to find us:

Train Station:
When you get off the main train station, you turn left and on the first street crossing right, you are then on Partizanska street and after a few meters you are here!

Bus Station:
When you get off the main Bus station, turn right and on the first street crossing left. We are on the right side of the Partizanska street.

We’re offering you:

  • Information about cycling in Maribor and Styria region;
  • Expert knowledge about alternative transportation options and changing of mobility habits;
  • Bike rentals of city, treking, mountain and cross bikes;
  • Gear rentals, such as:  bike helmets, bike panniers, bags;
  • Expert bike repairs;
  • Safe bike parking in closed parking facility (B&R- Bike&Ride) at The Railway station in Maribor;
  • Recycling & restoration of used old rusty bikes;
  • Custom bikes building;
  • Guided bike tours around Maribor and other parts of Slovenia for novice and experienced cyclists;
  • Utility cycling tools (air pump, screwdrivers, keys…) in front of the shop, which can be reached 24/7.
  • Cycling community and hospitality;

Bike Kitchen community program, where you can learn how to repair your bike with the help of our mechanincs and tools, open every Thursday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Opening hours:

  • MON – FRI – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Center mobilnosti Maribor is coordinated by association Mariborska kolesarska mreža (Maribor Cycling Network) and supported by Municipality of Maribor.

Prices for rent-a-bike:

  1. City bikes
  • 1 day: 10.00 EUR

– Every following day: 5.00 EUR

  • 1 month (up to 30 days): 60.00 EUR
  • Deposit: 40.00 EUR
  1. Mountain bikes
  • Half-day rental (9.00-13.00 or 13.00 to 17.00): 15.00 EUR
  • 1 day: 20.00 EUR
  • Weekly rental (up to 7 days): 80.00 EUR
  • Deposit: 50.00 EUR
  1. Student rental of recycled bicycles
  • Semester rent (up to 6 months): 40.00 EUR
  • Deposit: 40.00 EUR
  1. Cargo Bike
  • Half-day rental (9.00-13.00 or 13.00 to 17.00): 5.00 EUR
  • 1 day: 10.00 EUR
  • Deposit: 50.00 EUR